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No more sizing guides. Zizr knows what fits you. That way we reduce the number of returns – together.

Easy for you, good for the environment.


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How it works

You create a Zizr-ID. The next time you are shopping in an online store with Zizr, you will see a size recommendation next to the product you are looking at.

The right size with Zizr's advanced technology

Zizr is based on your purchase- and return history and compares it up against product information across all online stores with Zizr. With your feedback on the items you've purchased, the size recommendations are continuously adjusted, after your preferences. Through advanced technology and machine learning Zizr can thus recommend you the right size.

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Tune your fit profile

With a Zizr-ID you can log in to your profile for an overview of all your purchases and returns. In a few steps you can tune your fit profile to improve your future size recommendation.


Sustainable online shopping

As many as 70% of everyone shopping online returns their items because of issues with size and fit. These returns have massive consequences on the environment. Because of this Zizr, is committed to fight to reduce unnecessary production, shipping and waste from clothes and shoes. By recommending you the right size we will together be working towards more sustainable online shopping.

Safe and easy

Privacy is important for both our users and us here at Zizr. All our data is anonymized, encrypted and complies with GDPR requirements.

If you have any questions you can check out our privacy policy or visit our Frequently asked questions page

Safe and easy

Easy to get started!

Create a Zizr-ID with your e-mail and a password.
That’s all you need to be recommended clothes and shoes that fits you.