Zizr - Terms and conditions

Privacy is important for both our users and us here at Zizr. Here you will find information on how we collect and use personal data as well as your rights related to your Zizr-ID account.


Zizr AS (hereinafter “Zizr”, “we” or us”) provide a size recommendation tool (hereinafter the “Tool”) based on the user’s purchase history and machine learning, which enables a registered user (hereinafter “User”) to receive size recommendations when buying clothes, shoes and apparel from duly licensed third party merchants (hereinafter “Zizr Merchants”).

Zizr can be contacted at support@zizr.id

These terms of use apply between Zizr and the User for all use of our websites and of our Tool when shopping for clothes, shoes and apparel from Zizr Merchants’ websites, mobile applications or physical stores (collectively the “Services”). The terms may be amended by us from time to time.

1. Scope of terms

Zizr has created a Tool that enables Users to receive size recommendations when shopping for clothes, shoes and other apparel from Zizr Merchants. The Services is developed for eCommerce but can also be very beneficial in physical stores.

In order to use the Services, the User must create a user account (hereinafter “Zizr-ID”) by filling out a form on our websites. When creating the Zizr-ID the User will provide us with at a minimum an email address. The email address will be used to collect all of User’s historical purchase history at Zizr Merchants’ stores and websites, in order to provide a personalized size recommendation. The User may also elect to voluntarily provide us with its name, date of birth, phone number, address, preferred language and select garments from its existing wardrobe to further increase size recommendation accuracy of the Tool. When User is using its Zizr-ID when shopping with Zizr Merchants, items that User purchase or return will also be registered.

By accepting these Terms, the User acknowledges that it has read, understood and accepted to be bound by all other related terms and agreements with Zizr, such as our Privacy Policy.


2. Zizr as Tool and Services provider

The User is aware that use of the Tool and the Services is without any responsibility for Zizr, as Zizr is only providing the Services as a service to enable Users to have an easier shopping experience by hopefully receiving accurate size recommendations when buying clothes, shoes and apparel from various third-party merchants. Accurate size recommendations should result in less cost, less returns, and thus a more sustainable shopping. User is not paying Zizr for the use of the Services.

In no event shall Zizr be liable (directly or indirectly) for any losses and damages resulting from communications between Users and Zizr Merchants.


3. Tool and Services functionalities

In order to gain access to the functionalities of the Tool and the Services, the User has to sign up for a user profile (a “Zizr-ID”) on our websites. Zizr will use Users’ email address to collect past purchase history from Zizr Merchants.

The User understand that its purchase history is the basis on which the Tool will recommend sizes. If buying for other individual than User itself, the Tool should recognize certain anomalies. However, User can ‘flag’ this in their Zizr-ID to avoid future inaccuracy. Also, in order to ‘build’ the amount of data, and thereby improve the accuracy of the Tool’s size recommendations User has the option to manually register past purchases into their Zizr-ID.

The User is solely responsible for all interactions with Zizr Merchants in connection with using the Tool and the Services.


4. Zizr’s Warranty

The User recognizes that regardless of the size recommendation provided by the Tool, size and fit are very subjective matters and the User may not necessarily be satisfied. Zizr underlines that it offers no warranty, explicit or implied, regarding accuracy of any size recommendation made.

We do not provide any warranty unless specific and expressly stated.

Third-party terms may include applicable disclaimers.


5. Liability limitation

Due to the nature of the Services provided, in general no liability incurs with Zizr, as any potential liability lies with the Users or the Zizr Merchants. If in extraordinary cases Zizr should be liable, such liability is limited in the following ways:

  • No indirect loss is covered, including but not limited to loss of data, revenue loss, edition sales, etc.;
  • Damages are under any circumstances limited to EUR 100;
  • Only claims based on gross negligence or intent of Zizr can filed.

Zizr is never liable for errors in the Tool, or underlying software, the Services or any information provided by Users. The Tool, the Services and all its functionalities are provided to the User “as is”.The limitations and exclusions in this section (Liability limitation) apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law.


6. Duration and Termination

These Terms are in force for as long as the Zizr-ID is active. The User can at any time delete its Zizr-ID on Zizr’s websites. Upon such deletion, these Terms are terminated.

Zizr is entitled to terminate a Zizr-ID immediately if the User violates the regulations of these Terms.

Upon the termination of a Zizr-ID, for any reason, the User’s transaction data will remain in the system in anonymized form.


7. Changes

These Terms may from time to time be amended at Zizr’s sole discretion, followed by a notification to the Users. Users are bound by any changes to the Terms when using the Tool or Services after changes have been posted on www.zizr.id/terms-and-conditions

An updated version of these Terms will at all-time be available at



8. Miscellaneous

If a clause in these Terms is not enforceable, the unenforceability of that clause will not affect any other sections of the Terms.


9. Law and venue

These Terms and any disputes arising hereof, or other disputes or claims arising out of or in connection with the use of the Tool and the Services shall be settled in accordance with Norwegian law by the City Court of Oslo, Norway.